Habit streaks suck.

They make you feel guilty.

Build lasting habits without the guilt of broken streaks.

Every streak is inevitably broken, and that’s okay. It’s how you bounce back that truly matters.

The curse of habit streaks

“Don’t break the chain.”

“Never miss twice.”

Here’s how that plays out… 🙄

  1. 🌱You start a new habit, feeling excited for a new you.
  2. 🚀You keep it up for 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 days straight.
  3. 🦸🏽You feel like you’re on top of the world.
  4. 🤪Life throws “one of those days” at you.
  5. 💩You remember “oh shit, I missed yesterday.”
  6. 💔Your heart sinks when you see that streak: zero!
  7. 🔁You start over (or not) and the cycle repeats.
The curse of habit streaks

The bliss of tracking momentum

In Polar Habits, there are no streaks to break. You don’t start all over just because life got in the way or you slipped up yesterday.

Instead of feeling defeated, you’re encouraged to bounce back, regain your momentum, and keep moving forward.

When you zoom out to see your momentum and all that you’ve accomplished, you realise that a bad day is just that—a blip.

Try it with randomized 100-day habits:

Consistent habit, missed 9 times in 100 days.

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