Habit streaks suck.

The curse of habit streaks

“Don’t break the chain.”

“Never miss twice.”


You’ve heard. You’ve tried. It hasn’t worked for you.

Well, it did work, until you missed a day, and then it didn’t.

It’s not your fault.

You’re not the problem. Streaks are. They’re designed to help you maintain a habit for as long as possible, but not to help you get back on track when you inevitably fall off the wagon. 😬

In Polar Habits, there are no streaks to break and no chains to feel bound by. You don’t start all over again just because life got in the way or you slipped up yesterday.

Instead, you’re encouraged to bounce back, regain your momentum, and keep moving forward! 💪

Feeling successful is the single most important skill in behavior change.
BJ Fogg, Tiny Habits
I have never seen someone consistently stick to positive habits in a negative environment.
James Clear, Atomic Habits

Introducing Polar Habits

Polar Habits is a guilt-free habit tracker that focuses on creating a positive, fun, encouraging environment for tracking your habits. 🙌

It replaces the streak with a momentum system that encourages you to not only keep growing, but also to cherish the bumps in the road.

For every day that you complete a habit, you gain momentum points: +1, +2, +3 and so on… Your growth compounds for as long as you keep it going! 💪

But then, life happens, and you have to miss a day. It’s cool. It won’t reset—just a little dip. It would keep dropping if you kept skipping days, but it only takes one day of action to find your momentum back on the rise. 📈

Polar Habits is a better way to track habits

Missing a day no longer breaks your streak or your confidence

  • Extremely consistent habits

    For those habits you almost always get done, never missing a day.

  • Steady habits

    Habits you do regularly but will take occasional breaks from, never straying for too long.

  • Challenging habits

    The habits you wish you did more of, but quit out of frustration from another broken streak.

Extremely consistent habit, missed 5x over 100 days

Build habits the right way

Everything you need to build healthy habits and reach your goals

Track your momentum

The Momentum system encourages you to keep moving forward.

Track your momentum

Daily dashboard

View all your habits at a glance and easily check them off.

Daily dashboard

Custom habit cycles

Track habits that only need to be completed a few times each week.

Custom habit cycles

Don’t get left out in the cold 🥶

Keep it simple ☺️

  • Up to 3 active daily habits
  • Guilt-free momentum chart
  • Daily reminders to track your habits
  • Archive ended habits
  • Export habits and logs

Become a Pro 😎

$8per month
$48per year
  • Unlimited habits
  • Track non-daily habits (1–6x weekly)
  • Track evolving habits with phases
  • Freeze habits for long-term breaks
  • Save the polar bears
  • Support indie makers

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